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Blind Dogs, live concert at Matrix, Rotterdam

Saxophone solo on "Dancing With Angels" with the

Pal Nyberg Quintet, at the Jazz Club The Kikker, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Furmi's 6tet New York City Ensemble,

New York City.

Furmi's String Quintet, music composed for a painting  “Gattamelata”, ritratto di guerriero con scudiero.

Music written for the animation 'Spring' by The Cue Tube's Score Relief 2021. Excerpt.

Composition by Furmi Gomez for 'Desdemona'

a theater show for the Grec Festival of Barcelona.

Furmi Gomez Quartet, Live Concert at "Bar Nine", Manhattan, New York City.

The Furmi Gomez String Quintet performing "Fairytale Giant" at The Murphy's Law, The Netherlands.

Furmi Gomez Jazz Trio, performing Skylark, Brooklyn Sessions, New York City.

Furmi Gomez String Quintet, excerpts from "Below The Waterline" and "The Book", New York City.

Furmi Gomez String Quintet performing "Waves" at "Pete's Candy Store", Brooklyn, New York City.

Furmi's Sextet, compilation, a saxophone quartet with a rhythm section. 

Furmi Gomez & Joel Gonzalez, Jazz Duo Live Concert at "Lucky", East Village, New York City.

​"Song For Horace Silver" a Furmi Gomez composition with a jazz quintet, in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Furmi Gomez on Lap Steel Guitar, imporvisations,

New York City.

Furmi Gomez Ambient Music, "Nebula", on Lap Steel Guitar, New York City.

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